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Check out the trailer for EA's UFC 2 video game

EA Sports is back with a sneak peak at the next entry in their UFC themed video game series.

So, you wanna be an f'n fighter, but you tried out for TUF and didn't make the cut, right? Or, maybe you just love dishing out CGI beatings a lot more than taking them in real life. I mean, I guess you could even just enjoy playing video games because they're fun, or something, but that doesn't sound nearly as dramatic.

Still, no matter what the reason fueling your interest may be, for fans of EA Sports UFC game, there's good news. EA UFC 2 is coming soon, with a planned release date of Spring 2016. It looks like the new game will include a trading card feature and potentially a new physics engine. For now, we've just got the video game trailer to go off, so check it out for whatever goodies can be gleaned. And stay tuned to Bloody Elbow as we'll be sure to keep you updated with more news and notes as they become available.