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The Ultimate Writer Show: UFC 1, St. Pierre vs. Hendricks and Jose Aldo facts and questions

Michael Hutchinson hosts the first MMA trivia show where MMA writers put their knowledge of the sport to the test.

Welcome to The Ultimate Writer Show. This is a game show where MMA journalists get to put their knowledge to the test against a fellow writer.

Our contestants for today are Nick Baldwin of Bloody Elbow (@NickUFC) and Lucas Rezende of Bloody Elbow (@rezenluc).

The framework of the game is like a fight. There are three rounds of five questions for each contestant. Each contestant starts the round with 10 points. When it's a contestant's turn to answer a question, they can choose to go for a takedown (1 damage point), a combination (3 damage points) or a flying knee (5 damage points) to their opponent.

The 1 point questions are easy, the 3 point questions are medium difficulty and the 5 point questions are very tough. The contestant can choose to grind their opponent down by choosing takedown questions over and over or go for the knockout early with combinations and flying knee attacks.

The goal of the game is for a contestant to make their opponent lose as many points as possible in the round, or get them to zero points in a round and win the game. The winner of 2 of 3 rounds wins, but a knockout in a round wins the entire game (just like a fight).