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Cerrone says he received a ‘whereabouts failure’ for missing USADA drug test

UFC lightweight title challenger Donald Cerrone revealed that he missed a USADA drug test and thus suffered a ‘whereabouts failure.’

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone appears to have fallen victim to his own lifestyle.

The UFC lightweight title challenger revealed on the Pirate Life podcast that he failed his first drug test recently because he didn't report his whereabouts to the United States Anti-Doping Agency ahead of time.

According to Cerrone, sample collectors showed up at his doorstep shortly after he decided to take a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

"In the new testing, you have to tell them [UFC/USADA] your whereabouts," Cerrone revealed.  "F***, I don't know where I'm going to be. They show up to my house and are like ‘where are you this weekend?' It was on the weekend that I went to Vegas on a whim.

"They were like ‘where are you?' and I was like  ‘I'm in Vegas'. And they were like ‘we're at your house'. And I was like ‘well that sucks.'"

"So I failed. I failed my drug test."

Cerrone received a 'whereabouts failure' for his decision not to report his projected location. Missed tests and filing failures are considered ‘whereabouts failures.' It should be noted that, according to the USADA website,  "any combination of three whereabouts failures (filing failures and/or missed tests), declared by USADA, WADA or an IF, within a 12 month period = Anti-Doping Rule Violation".

However, given that this was Cerrone's first violation, it will not affect his title shot against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on FOX 17.