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Video: Miesha Tate owns four dude-bros in gym battle

Miesha tate is throwing her hat in the ring as part of the never ending discussion of women vs. men in MMA.

Recently we saw Miesha Tate take on Donald Cerrone for a bit of friendly grappling on the mats. Tate even locked up a submission on "Cowboy" durring their roll, but that video left a lot of fans asking, how would she do against some guys really trying to take her on?

The answer: Pretty damn well.

Miesha Tate took on the Janoskians, a group of Australian viral video pranksters, in a series of hard rolls over at Xtreme Couture. I think a couple of them survived more than a minute once or twice...

The group released a highlight video of their failed attempts to beat a former UFC title contender, so check it out above. It may be the closest thing you see to Tate fighting in the near future, as she was rumored to be taking on Amanda Nunes in December, but that bout seems less and less likely as the winter cards continue to fill up.