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Watch: UFC champs Ronda and Joanna decipher Aussie slang

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The UFC is headed to Melbourne, so the two women's UFC champions tried their hand at figuring out what a few Australian slang terms meant.

ESPN gave Ronda Rousey the keys to the car on Wednesday, letting the UFC bantamweight champion guest host ESPN's SportsCenter, as well as giving her guest appearances on several other ESPN shows. But, Ronda wasn't the only UFC champ on the network that day, as she was joined by strawweight champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk. Both women will be on the card for UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia. Rousey in the main event, fighting Holly Holm in defense of her bantamweight title, and Jędrzejczyk in the co-main defending her belt against Valerie Létourneau.

As such, ESPN took it upon themselves to try and accustom the two champions to some of the Australian slang words they might hear during their time down under. Ronda got the better of those terms that are most similar to American slang, like "dunny" and "brekkie," but more notably the segment gave Jedrzejczyk another chance to put her violent streak on display. I mean, who wouldn't think brekkie means, "I break you"?

UFC 193 takes place on November 15th at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Here's a look at the card as it stands:

PPV Card

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

Fight Pass Prelims