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If I Did It: T.J. Dillashaw is the kid in the Faber-Ludwig divorce as Conor McGregor stirs the pot

Alexei Auld throws MMA's hardest PR questions at Kid Nate + Eugene S. Robinson. In this week's episode: How should T.J. Dillashaw handle his split plus unsolicited advice for Sage Northcutt, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Al Roker, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Tom Cruise.

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Once again I'm back with my co-host extraordinaire Eugene S. Robinson, author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking and I brought back attorney and author Alexei Auld to grill us with some PR stumpers from the world of combat sports.

Today's puzzlers include:

  • You're TJ Dillashaw. You just abandoned Team Alpha Male, abandoned your boys, abandoned your mentor, and abandoned California--the Golden State--, for Elevation Fight Team in Colorado. How do you handle the animosity you have created by your departure?
  • You're Urijah Faber. How do spin a critical defection in wake of your media crucifixion of Bang Ludwig?
  • You're Sage Northcutt, the new Golden Boy of the UFC. Your hype train has begun. How do you not become Soukadjoued or the next Roger Huerta without offending your UFC overlords?
  • You're Conor MacGregor, the old Golden Boy of the UFC. How do you protect your spot from this young buck?
  • You're Hillary Clinton. How can you contrast yourself to Bernie Sanders in next week's Democratic presidential debate and beyond, without employing the sort of attacks that could boomerang to harm you?
  • You're Jeb Bush. You were the frontrunning Republican Candidate before outsiders Trump, Carson, and Carly took your party from you. People are calling for you to quit. How do you win back your nomination?
  • You're Al Roker. You shot a selfie wearing a big old Kool Aid smile in front of a crashed car in South Carolina. People are outraged. How do you win back America?
  • You're Tom Cruise. You weren't present at your daughter's wedding. How do you convince the world you are a loving father despite your kerfuffle?

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