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Opinion: TJ Dillashaw is no snake for leaving Team Alpha Male

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Michael Hutchinson looks at why TJ Dillashaw shouldn't be considered the bad guy for leaving Team Alpha Male.

News came out yesterday that the only champion at Team Alpha Male, T.J. Dillashaw, was leaving the fight camp. Dillashaw confirmed the news with, saying that he would be training out of Colorado for his next training camp.

"In regards to my upcoming fight camp, I will be doing my training in Colorado," Dillashaw told MMAFighting. " The last six years at Team Alpha Male have been irreplaceable and my brothers there will forever be family to me."

The news was quickly followed by differing opinions. One of those opinions came from current Interim Featherweight champion Conor McGregor, who made headlines in September for calling Dillashaw "a snake in the grass." This alluded to Dillashaw's relationship with Ludwig and his dwindling allegiance to Team Alpha Male.

McGregor's response to the news yesterday was, of course, elation at having made another successful prediction.

Is Dillashaw a snake in the grass though? Does the current UFC Bantamweight Champion deserve to be called a traitor to Team Alpha Male? Michael Hutchinson explains why that shouldn't be the case.

Oh, and if the Ooyala embed above isn't working for you, here's the YouTube link.