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No joke, Rampage drunk dialed Ariel Helwani and the audio is ridiculous

So, Rampage Jackson spends a lot of time playing video games on Twitch. And the other night, after a few drinks, he got the idea to call Ariel Helwani and squash their beef.

Rampage Jackson is one of MMA's favorite misfits, notable as much for the things he says and does outside the cage as he is for his long and impressive career in it. This latest entry may, however, be his greatest gift to fans and the center point to his legacy. In the early hours of the morning, on October 6th, 2015, Quinton Rampage Jackson, while live on Twitch, had a few drinks and decided to give Ariel Helwani a call.

"Ariel, I'm sorry for calling you so early in the morning, but I noticed that you sent my call to your voicemail, which means that your big-nosed motherf***ing ass is up. The only reason why I called your motherf***ing punk ass is because I'm up playing on Twitch and Team Rampage told me to f***ing call you. I don't know why they like you, but they like you, they dig you. So, I called your motherf***ing ass early in the morning and you sent me to voicemail. That's why we ain't never gonna be boys, motherf***er. Take your punk ass to sleep. Yeah, f*** Ariel."

But, that's just the beginning. After leaving that first message, Rampage called back. And the second time around, Helwani answered the phone. Check out the audio above for their complete conversation.

And of course, check out the recent interview Helwani did with Rampage, for his 300th episode of the MMA hour, which sparked Rampage's late night phone call: