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MMA 3 Way: Has MMA judging changed in 2015?

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Dallas Winston is back and like any Rip Van Winkle he's looking at a very changed landscape. Kid Nate + Eugene S. Robinson of are here to heckle Dallas' list of the top MMA stories so far this year.

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Dallas Winston is back from his exile to the land of non-MMA bloggers so since it's a dead week for UFC's we thought we'd get the band back together and do a show. I tasked Dallas with picking a few things that had changed while he was out of the game.

Being Dallas he picked MMA Judging and claims that the way 10-8 rounds are being handed out has changed. That's good right? In the bad old days every round was a 10-9 round no matter how even or one-sided. However Dallas just can't be satisfied and wants to claim that not only are 10-8 rounds being scored, they're being handed out too often!

Some dudes are just never happy.

We also talk about the Ronda Rousey phenomenon, the promotion for her UFC 193 bout with Holly Holm, how long she'll stay in the world of mixed martial arts and whether or not her chances of beating Cris Cyborg have improved.

We also debate the color of Eugene's dapper suit.

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