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McGregor says first $100 million UFC fighter contract is 'en route'

Ireland's Conor McGregor claimed that he is 'en route' to signing the UFC's first $100 million fighter contract.

Just six fights into his UFC career, Conor McGregor has managed to take the MMA world by storm and claim the interim featherweight title. Now he plans on becoming the first fighter to sign a $100 million contract with the promotion.

"I'm still here the highest-paid," McGregor said on the MMA Hour. "Let's compare contracts. Because the contract that I'm talking now is nine figures, nine figures I'm talking. Nobody in the game has talked nine figures. That's $100 million plus. That's my contract, so, that's where I'm at and I've done it the way I've done it. Either learn from it or don't."

McGregor referenced UFC 187's financial success as his basis for negotiating a more lucrative contract. He also predicted the success of UFC 194 in Las Vegas and believes he has earned a nine-figure contract based on that trajectory.

"When you're bringing in $60 million revenue on a fight where the main event guy has pulled out two weeks before, you think anyone else can do that? This next one, we are estimating a gate of $10 million for the gate alone. This is going to bring in $90 to $100 million this card here. So you're damn right I'll get it. I came at them with fact, numbers and I didn't go round about. I looked them dead in the eye with straight facts. When someone comes at you with clear facts, there's only one thing you can do and that's respect it. You got to respect good business, if you don't respect good business, then that's on you.

While it remains unclear whether the nine-figure contract is an exaggeration, McGregor expects to work out the deal in the near future. He is scheduled to face featherweight champ Jose Aldo in a title unification bout at UFC 194.

"I am very confident we will come to a deal and it will be in the nine-figure mark, and rightfully so."

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