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CM Punk's UFC debut timetable pushed back due to injury

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The long, winding road to CM Punk's UFC debut hit a speed bump recently in the form of a shoulder injury.

Duane Prokop/Getty Images

CM Punk definitely won't be making his UFC debut before the end of 2015, and it could be well into 2016 before you see him enter the octagon. Roufusport head trainer Duke Roufus spoke to about the man otherwise known as Phil Brooks today, saying that a shoulder injury has pushed his timetable back a bit:

"He got caught in a scramble, so right now he's taking a little time off. He was doing great before that. His progress has been good. He's got a great attitude and he's a hard worker. He got a place in Milwaukee where he lives all week when he's here training, so he's in it to win it.

"Our biggest thing is we want him to 101 percent before (resuming training). We don't have a hard date for his fight to force the issue, so making sure he's completely healthy is possible."

According to the article, he is scheduled to see a doctor on October 14th and could be cleared then.

Roufus also said that Punk is at "50 percent" in terms of being fully prepared to make his debut:

"But that being said, remember that my 100 percent is a very well-prepared person.

"The UFC will probably book him a fight three to four months in advance -- a guy of his magnitude. We're probably looking at a fight in the next 6-to-10 months. The injury throws us back one month. We had a ballpark. We were looking at mid- to late-spring. Now, we'll just have to see how he comes back from the injury."

I'm personally a big Punk fan and didn't put much stock in some opinions that he'd never actually fight in the cage. But it's been 10 months since he signed and with nothing even close to being on the horizon, it's hard not to get a little pessimistic about things. He turns 37 at the end of this month, after all. Hopefully we do indeed see him step foot in the octagon at least once.