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Video: MMA fighter gets choked out, proceeds to poop all over the canvas

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Warning: If you're squeamish, exit this post and go elsewhere. Otherwise, you're about to watch an MMA fighter soil himself after a fight.

Combat sports and feces are quite familiar with each other. Way back in 1980, boxing legend Alexis Arguello hit Cornelius Boza Edwards so hard that poor Cornelius soiled his trunks. In an MMA context, Tim Sylvia defecated in his trunks in a Spike TV main event vs. Assuerio Silva in 2007, a fitting tribute to the quality of programming on Spike TV. Last year, Humberto Brown was choked out until he pooped himself as UFC 180.

So it is on that note that we head to "Ruckus in the Cage" in West Virginia for a fight between heavyweights Daniel Cooper and Travis Wolford. Cooper was beating up Wolford with hammerfists before setting up a guillotine choke, to which Wolford tapped immediately. What happened next will probably gross you out, as Wolford's turds lay strewn across the mat, much to the horrified reaction of the crowd. You can hear a woman in the video say "I think I'm going to throw up." Footage of the incident can be seen at the top of the page, although it is not to be clicked on if you're squeamish.

Wolford, Cooper, and the referee all vacated the cage and I'm just going to assume they cleaned it up before the next fight began. Here's what the Ruckus in the Cage promoter, Chris Smith, had to say about the whole (fecal) matter:

Everyone is still talking about it. Never seen anything this gross in my entire career of promoting fights but shit happens and could happen to anyone. Daniel Cooper literally beat the crap out of "The Brown Bomber" Travis Wolford in Ruckus in the Cage in Beckley Oct. 3. Before the fights started he went to Chili Night and ate some hot chili. During his bout he had a colossal explosion where chili beans and everything he ate landed all over the mat. Says he instantly lost 15 pounds.... Plans on fighting November 13 in Summersville to prove that it was just an accident. Any takers???

This was clearly an unfortunate and embarrassing accident, and it really doesn't help with the general consensus that most heavyweight fights are just absolutely shitty.

Ed. Note: When I woke up this Monday morning, I did not envision publishing articles on Cher supporting Nick Diaz and an obscure heavyweight in West Virginia soiling himself in the cage. What a time to be alive.

(H/T Zara Barry)