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UFC responds to controversial Vitor Belfort tests, says there was no 'cover up'

UFC has responded to reports about Vitor Belfort's controversial test results.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Late last September, reports came out that Vitor Belfort had highly questionable test results, but was still allowed to compete against Jon Jones back in 2012. With Belfort's testosterone level raising flags, a lot of the controversies stem from the now banned TRT policies.

It took a while for them to address these reports, and even had Jones reportedly fuming after finding about that Belfort still competed despite the results, but the UFC responded to the story during the UFC 192 press conference.

"One of the things to keep in mind in this particular topic is, any suggestion or inference that there is a 'cover up' regarding to that, is categorically false," PR head Dave Sholler said.

"That period of time with TRT, was one that was tricky for everyone, for the UFC, for the athletic commissions, and for the athletes alike," he explained. "I think when everyone came to a conclusion that it didn't have a place in the sport, when it was outlawed in 2014, we were quick to make sure that we too followed suit as Nevada had said.

"As you look at it today, we have signed on with one of the greatest and most stringent anti-doping policies in the world, through USADA. So our positioning on anti-doping in the sport, is the same. We have no place for it in our sport, and we're going through Jeff Novitzky and the USADA folks to continue to be aggressive and make sure that performance enhancing drugs have no place in the UFC."

Although it happened before his time with the company, UFC's drug czar in Jeff Novitzky also addressed this in an interview with UFC fighter and Bloody Elbow writer Josh Samman.