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Tweet of the Day: Jon Jones would fight Daniel Cormier in OSU wrestling room

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Jon Jones says he wants his belt back, and sent a tweet about UFC champ Daniel Cormier.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Jon Jones has recently been reinstated by the UFC after being suspended and stripped of his title for an earlier hit-and-run incident. He has been doing his required community service by doing numerous speaking appearances with kids, but it looks like he is already looking forward to a rematch against the current UFC title holder.

Jones sent out a message about Daniel Cormier on twitter:

Cormier of course, is a graduate from the Division I wrestling powerhouse in Oklahoma State University, where he was an All-American.

It seems like Jones is dead set on getting his title back, which is unfortunate for those like me who were hoping he'd try his luck at heavyweight now that there aren't much fresh match ups or records he can break at 205 anymore.

Slightly related to this, Cormier was just at the UFC offices teasing something good: