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Listen: Did Ronda Rousey hang up from conference call after being asked about Browne?

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Did Ronda Rousey hang up after being asked about her relationship with UFC heavyweight Travis Browne?

Ronda Rousey has a title defense against Holly Holm coming up, but with a couple of controversial topics happening outside the cage, she has been fielded questions not relating to UFC 193 during her recent media appearances.

On a recent media scrum, Ronda flat out declined to comment on her mother's recent outburst criticizing her coach, saying "I don't think that's anybody's business". Something similar may, or may not, have happened during Thursday's UFC 193 conference call, and here's how the exchange went (6:30 mark):

Media: Ronda, I know you've been trying to focus mentally about stuff that is happening inside the Octagon, but recently, Travis Browne announced that you were in a relationship. Were you okay with announcing that? Were you cool with that?

... [Silence]

Media: Hello?


UFC PR: I'm sorry, it looks like Ronda's line just disconnected. We will call her right back, just one moment.

While the UFC PR team said they were trying to get Rousey back on the line, it didn't happen and the UFC champ wasn't available for the rest of the 40-minute conference call. Was it 'technical difficulties' as officials noted, or did Rousey simply hang up after hearing a question she didn't want to answer?

The call was about 6-minutes in, but for what it's worth, that was the first thing Rousey was asked and we never heard from her prior to that. So while it's very possible she could've been disconnected even before that very question, you have to admit, the topic and the timing will surely make a lot of people question it more.