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NAC hands Palhares a 2 year suspension, $40k fine for Shields submission

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Rousimar Palhares finally had his day in court and it didn't go too well for the former WSOF champion.

Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Not long ago, Rousimar Palhares made it clear that he was very much depending on the Nevada Athletic Commission to do the fair thing... by not punishing him harshly for cranking a submission on Jake Shields past the point of referee intervention, or for seemingly repeatedly raking and gouging Shields' eyes throughout their fight. Once his date in front of the commission was behind him, he was looking to end his WSOF contract and move on to greener pastures.

That might not happen for a little while. Two years to be exact, as MMAFighting reports.

The NAC heard Palhares' case on Thursday, October 29th, where the fighter accompanied by his manager Alex Davis made a number of claims about the fight and Palhares' conduct throughout:

Meanwhile, both Steve Mazzagatti and Ray Sefo spoke to the NAC, telling the commissioners that Palhares disregarded pre-fight instructions, warnings about past conduct, and in cage commands. In a surprise move and an apparent attempt to sway the commission, Davis brought in an expert witness to speak on Palhares' behalf, famed referee Big John McCarthy. Instead, McCarthy stayed true to his reputation and spent his time on the stand explaining exactly how and why Palhares was in violation of regulations:

By the end of it all, it was pretty clear that Palhares' fate was sealed. Although,  in a somewhat bizarre turn of events, the commission announced that because they had never issued their maximum punishment, they weren't prepared to do so in this case. They did however hand down a two year suspension and $40,000 fine. Unless Palhares can find the wiggle room to win an appeal it seems unlikely that fans will see him fight anytime soon.