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Vitor may be in Carson's corner, but Donald Trump has Chris Weidman

It looks like the battle lines for the 2016 presidential race are running deep as former title challenger Vitor Belfort put his muscle behind Ben Carson and champion Chris Weidman has given his support to Donald Trump.

Who doesn't love just a little bit of extra politics with their sports, right? The rivalry between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort played out over a year of injuries, setbacks, test failures, and barbs traded through the media. In the final buildup to the fight between the two men in May of 2015, a lot was made of Vitor Belfort's PED history, with Vitor himself even doing some finger pointing of his own.

It was a war of words and then a war of fists, and now it's a war of political ideologies, or at least political candidates. Vitor Belfort may have given Ben Carson his full endorsement as candidate for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, but just back in July, Chris Weidman went on Periscope to do a fan Q&A where he revealed that he's a Trump supporter (comments come at about 2:15 of the video).

"I like Donald Trump, I listened to his speech. I think we need him in the country, I'm not gonna lie. He's a little over the top, but a lot of the stuff he says is on the money, I think, on what this country needs. And hey, my wife is Puerto Rican, my kids are latino and I don't take it personal on what he said about people coming over the border. I think he does make some good points, but he doesn't kinda put it in a way that a usual politician would put it. So, it does throw off everybody. But if you listen to what he says, even 'The Funk' thinks he's keeping it real.

"But I think Trump is the greatest heel ever. It's because he's speaking the truth. He's speaking the truth. Politicians these days, there's just so much corruption, man. We see that with MMA in New York. It's straight corruption, I'm not kidding. It's, 'Hey, can you do a favor for me, because this guy did a favor for me, and we're friends. So, just do the right thing.' It's just not right."

I can only expect that we'll be seeing more top 10 middleweights jumping on the bandwagon for the wide open Repubican presidential field in the days to come.