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Nick Diaz settlement talks with NAC 'going well', could lead to 2016 return

UFC star Nick Diaz's 5-year suspension may not hold up after all.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

The insane 5-year suspension handed down on Nick Diaz has sparked outrage from numerous fronts both inside and outside the sport. Countless fans, athletes and even celebrities helped a White House petition reach over 100,000 signatures, and now it looks like there will be a resolution made very soon.

Diaz took to social media to speak about the progress made after discussions with the Nevada Athletic Commission.

"Just spoke with my legal team at Campbell & Williams and talks with the NV athletic commission are going well," Diaz wrote. "We’re working hard with them to get this right. Thanks for the support."

MMA Fighting confirmed that settlement talks are underway with Diaz's lawyer Middlebrook calling it "a work in progress," and another source claiming that "Diaz could actually be back in the Octagon by sometime in 2016".

Interestingly enough, Middlebrook also added that the commission hasn't even sent out and put the 5-year suspension in writing, so he never had the chance to file a petition and have the decision up for judicial review.