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Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson spars with Vitor Belfort

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One of the front runners for the Republican presidential nomination took a little time out of his schedule to meet up with former UFC champion Vitor Belfort.

Stewart F. House/Getty Images

The run for the Republican presidential nomination has been a pretty surreal race throughout. Seeming early favorites getting hammered by complete underdogs, Donald Trump bullying his way through the field, and Ben Carson picking up steam to take over the lead in the polls. But, if ever there's a lesson to be learned from the American political process, it's that things can always get weirder.

That's exactly where we find ourselves, with a Tweet from presidential candidate Ben Carson's official twitter account, showing the brain surgeon turned politician in a meet and greet with former UFC champion Vitor Belfort:

It's not exactly clear what the UFC fighter and politician discussed, but it looks like they took the time to do more than just shake hands, including sitting down for a meal together:

And even getting in an opportunity for a selfie:

Strange days, folks. Strange days.

Update: Here are a few more pics from the meeting between Carson and Belfort.