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Tweet of the Day: CM Punk turned 37, so Donald Cerrone wrote him a song

Watch Donald Cerrone sing CM Punk a birthday song. Ah, the randomness of social media.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Former pro-wrestler turned UFC fighter, CM Punk, turned 37 on Monday. The Roufusport member got two gifts from his buddy Donald Cerrone, which you can watch on their social media exchange below. He's no Josh Samman, but the UFC lightweight contender did sing Punk a birthday song in trademark Cowboy fashion.

CM Punk is coming off a shoulder injury from training and is nearing the 1-year anniversary of his UFC signing. No date for his debut has been set just yet, but Roufus mentioned that they were targeting a Spring debut prior to the injury.

Watch his recent MMA Hour appearance below, where he spoke about the injury and how it set him back in training.