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Highlights: Watch Louis Smolka play spoiler against Paddy Holohan at UFC Dublin

Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC Dublin main event between Louis Smolka and Paddy Holohan.

Although the UFC Dublin show lost its main and co-main events in the span of 10 days, Paddy Holohan and Louis Smolka stepped up to put on a show in the final bout of the evening. Unfortunatly for hte Irish fans, it was not their guy who left victorious in the end.

Check out the play-by-play below:

R2: Smolka opens with a lead jab downstairs. Smolka lands a kick on his way into the clinch, then an uppercut on the break. Holohan forces a takedown and transitions to back control in the clinch, putting both hooks in. Holohan rolls Smolka and locks on a body triangle, fishing for a rear-naked choke. Smolka turtles after hand-fighting his way out of the choke. Holohan rolls him back over and Smolka spins into top position while still in the body triangle.

Heavy elbow to the body from Smolka, who then wraps up an elbow-lift guillotine -- it's tight and Holohan falls back into guard to alleviate the pressure. Hard shots from Smolka on top. Holohan rolls out and ends up in turtle, then eats a kick to the body and rolls back into guard. Smolka, sensing he might've hurt Holohan, swarms with vicious right and lefts. Holohan turns from the punches, giving up his back. Smolka ties on the mata leao and coaxes the tapout.

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