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UFC Dublin knockout video: Tom Breese destroys Cathal Pendred in round 1

English welterweight prospect Tom Breese dispatched Cathal Pendred in superb fashion at UFC Fight Night: Holohan vs. Smolka in Dublin, Ireland. See the finish for yourself.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

England's Tom Breese spoiled Cathal Pendred's return to Ireland by stopping him in the 1st round of a one-sided beating at UFC Fight Night in Dublin, Ireland. Breese hurt Pendred early with a left hand that buckled his legs, but the always tough Cathal survived and fought on. As Breese repeatedly found a home for his strikes, Pendred's nose was a mess and he was left bloodied and retreating. At the end of round 1, Breese hurt Pendred with a series of lefts and then followed him to the ground to finish the fight. Breese improves to 8-0 while Pendred loses his 2nd straight after going 4-0 to start his UFC career.

Here's Dallas Winston's play-by-play of the fight, along with video of the finish:

R1: Pendred opens with an outside low kick. Breese stays calm, jabbing from range and sidestepping the first few bull-rushes. Breese steps back and sits down on a nasty left cross that buckles Pendred's legs. No dice on Pendred's takedown attempt. Breese lands a stiff jab that bloodies Pendred's nose, then glances with a laser-straight left. Pendred ducks a left and clinches up, putting Breese on the fence.

Breese circles off with an under-hook and separates unscathed. A serious amount of blood coming from Pendred's nose but he manages to land a short right over the top. Breese hammers the body of Pendred with a counter uppercut. Pendred blocks a left high kick. Breese loosens a four-punch counter and pops Pendred with at least two. Front kick to the gut lands for Breese, followed by a pair of vicious left crosses that drop Pendred. Breese pounces with punches and the ref jumps in.

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