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UFC Dublin main event result: Louis Smolka submits Paddy Holohan in thriller

Check out the results of the main event of UFC Dublin featuring flyweights Louis Smolka and Paddy Holohan, which was an absolutely terrific contest.

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

After a series of injuries caused the original co-main event and main event to be scrapped, both Patrick Holohan and Louis Smolka had a lot on their shoulders as the new main event for UFC Dublin.

Holohan got the quick takedown against Smolka, advancing his way to side control. Smolka looked up a d'arce choke while on the bottom, but couldn't hold on. As Smolka got up, Holohan put on a guillotine choke but Smolka got out. Both fighters reversed positions like crazy while also trying to pull off multiple submissions. Holohan again drags the fight down to the mat, but Smolka reversed to top position while avoiding a leg lock. Smolka returned the favour, going for a leg lock of his own, but instead is reversed and taken down by Holohan. Smolka landed a big head kick as Holohan was standing back up. Both fighters went non-stop for the entire round without a single moment to breathe. Smolka ended the round with several strong standing elbows as well as several wild hooks.

The second round began with Holohan getting Smolka's back after a takedown. Holohan sunk in a body triangle and began to work a rear naked choke. Smolka eventually turned the position, falling into Holohan's guard. As Holohan attempted to get to his feet, Smolka put in a good guillotine choke that ended with Smolka getting side control. Another wild scramble ended with Smolka pounding away on Holohan on top, with the fight close to being stopped. Holohan covered up, Smolka sunk in the rear naked choke as Holohan turned away, leading to the tap out.

Louis Smolka def. Paddy Holohan via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:09 of Round 2

Holohan had an emotional post fight interview, expressing his appreciation for the Irish crowd.

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