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UFC Dublin results: Parke beats Madadi by unanimous decision

Check out the results of the co-main event of UFC Dublin featuring Norman Parke and Reza Madadi.

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Both Norman Parke and Reza Madadi had a ton of animosity for each other coming into their co-main event fight at UFC Dublin. The lightweights were both looking to put on a show while making their way up the stacked lightweight division.

Madadi immediately shot in for a takedown, which Parke stuffed. Both fighters stayed away from the wild encounters early, picking their shots. Madadi entered with a nice single, with Parke doing a great job of peeling his hands away and stopping the takedown. After clinching against the fence for a while, Madadi again shot in for a takedown to no avail. Parke did a good job of picking his shots from range, landing front kicks to the body of Madadi. Not a whole lot of damage was done by either fighter in the round.

Parke continued to pick apart the body of Madadi with front kicks, while also jabbing from range. Madadi finally lands a takedown, with Parke frantically looking to get back to his feet. Parke works his way up the cage and back to his feet. A couple of minutes of clinching against the fence saw both fighters land several shots. As Parke landed a combination, Madadi taunted Parke by slapping his own face as a sign that the punches didn't hurt him. More clinch work against the fence ended the second round.

Madadi started the round off well by landing several uppercuts, followed by work against the cage. Madadi continued to land strikes in close range while also controlling the clinches against the fence. Norman Parke looked to get a takedown and was able to get Madadi to the mat. Parke couldn't hold the position and was able to get back up. Both fighters looked to tire out within the final minute, working for clinch position until the final horn.

Norman Parke def. Reza Madadi via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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