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UFC Dublin results: Dalby rallies for draw, Ireland's Neil Seery chokes out Delos Reyes

Check out the result of the the opening two main card bouts of UFC Dublin that featured Nicolas Dalby and Darren Till.

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The main card of UFC Dublin kicked off with a pair of exciting flyweights and two European welterweights. Neil Seery was looking to impress in his home country against Jon Delos Reyes. Followed was a pair of perfect Welterweight fighters in Nicolas Dalby and Darren Till who looked to put on a fight of the night.

Nicolas Dalby vs. Darren Till finishes a majority draw (28-29, 28-28, 28-28)

Till was able to hit Dalby with a solid straight left early in the round, almost taking the jump out of Dalby's step. Soon after Dalby closed the distance to clinch against the cage. Till showed a lot of confidence in the first round, landing a mix of elbows, punches and kicks to the head of Dalby. With 10 seconds left of the round, Till catches Dalby with a big uppercut, sending him to the mat. Till followed up with punches until the horn for the end of the round sounded.

Till's confidence really showed at the beginning of the round, keeping his hands down while landing body and head kicks, as well as strikes from the clinch. A body lock takedown for Dalby didn't do much for him as Till popped right back up. Dalby quickly pressured Till against the cage, landing knees to the legs and the body. The round ends with Til catching a body kick and sending Dalby to the ground.

In the beginning of the round Dalby was able to get a good head kick to land on Till, boosting his own confidence and putting Till on the back peddle. Another big headkick for Dalby was followed by a barrage of punches. Till looked noticeably wobbled, putting his back against the cage. Dalby got the takedown as Till covered up, advancing to mount. Dalby started pounding away on Till, but Till worked his way to his feet. Within the final 20 seconds both men traded shots against the cage with Dalby getting the better of the exchange.

Neil Seery def. Jon Delos Reyes by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:12 of Round 2.

Both fighters began the round swinging, looking for the knockout. After both fighters traded wild punches, Delos Reyes was able to get the trip and land in Seery's guard. Seery was able to avoid damage on the ground and get back up quickly. Delos Reyes ate a couple of hard punches from Seery while trying to close the distance. In the final minute of the first round, Delos Reyes was able to reverse a takedown attempt, winding up on top, but Seery was again able to get to his feet quickly. Seery's confidence on the feet showed in the final seconds, landing quality counters and low kicks.

While exchanging punches early in the fight, Delos Reyes caught a kick from Seery, but while going for the takedown was caught in a guillotine choke. Delos Reyes was able to get out and scramble to Seery's back, who was also able to escape the position, with both fighters getting back to their feet. With over a minute left both fighters threw wild hooks at each other with neither landing. Delos Reyes shot in for a takedown but Seery pumped into guard, applied the guillotine choke and only a couple of seconds after hitting the mat, forced Delos Reyes to tap out.

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