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UFC Fight Night: Holohan vs Smolka - live results, play by play

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Live results and play by play for the UFC Fight Night event in Dublin, which is headlined by Paddy Holohan vs. Louis Smolka and airs this afternoon on UFC Fight Pass.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, play by play and discussion as UFC Fight Night: Holohan vs. Smolka transpires from the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

Flyweights Louis Smolka and Paddy Holohan captain the show while lightweights Reza Madadi and Norman Parke battle in the co-main. Rounding out the four-fight main card are undefeated welterweights Nicolas Dalby and Darren Till along with flyweights Neil Seery and Jon Delos Reyes. The main and preliminary cards both air on UFC Fight Pass.

Live results and play by play will commence with the preliminary card. The full schedule and lineup follows. Watch this week's MMA Vivisection for analysis and gambling advice on every match up.

Fight Pass Main Card (4 p.m. ET)

Patrick Holohan vs. Louis Smolka

R1: Holohan follows a front kick into the clinch and hits a body-lock takedown, landing in side mount. Holohan goes to north-south but Smolka cinches up an inverted D'arce choke. Smolka bails on the choke and stands up but gets caught in a guillotine. Holohan uses it to snap the head down, then pulls off an amazing rolling grapevine sweep. Holohan goes from the rear body lock to the seat belt, then stands up.

Smolka stands up but Holohan stays on him, hitting another rolling grapevine in the scramble. Holohan transitions to a leg lock but Smolka steps over and gets on top. Smolka drops back for a foot lock and Holohan slips free and hits a counter single. Holohan gets reckless on a back-take attempt and eats a clean high kick from Smolka. Holohan clinches defensively and gets back up after a Smolka hip throw. Holohan flings out punches to disguise his double-leg attempt, and he gets Smolka to one knee. Smolka stands up and lands a back elbow, then pieces Holohan up with three clean and consecutive left hooks. I was leaning Holohan for the brilliant transitions but the outburst of clean punches and elbows from Smolka makes it 10-10.

R2: Smolka opens with a lead jab downstairs. Smolka lands a kick on his way into the clinch, then an uppercut on the break. Holohan forces a takedown and transitions to back control in the clinch, putting both hooks in. Holohan rolls Smolka and locks on a body triangle, fishing for a rear-naked choke. Smolka turtles after hand-fighting his way out of the choke. Holohan rolls him back over and Smolka spins into top position while still in the body triangle.

Heavy elbow to the body from Smolka, who then wraps up an elbow-lift guillotine -- it's tight and Holohan falls back into guard to alleviate the pressure. Hard shots from Smolka on top. Holohan rolls out and ends up in turtle, then eats a kick to the body and rolls back into guard. Smolka, sensing he might've hurt Holohan, swarms with vicious right and lefts. Holohan turns from the punches, giving up his back. Smolka ties on the mata leao and coaxes the tapout.

  • Louis Smolka defeats Patrick Holohan by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 4:09

Reza Madadi vs. Norman Parke

R1: Madadi shoots a double and clinches; Parke circles off and separates. Madadi punches his way into the clinch again but can't hang on. Same routine for Madadi and still no dice. Glancing kick to the body from Madadi is countered with a short left from Parke. Front kick to the body grazes for Parke but his high kick is blocked. Another light left kick to the body from Parke, who gets stuck on the fence after defending another takedown.

Parke switches to the front headlock and circles off the fence, looking for an outside trip. Madadi circles off and goes for a double leg. Parke counters with the kimura and Madadi tries a lateral drop; they split and reset on the feet. Parke staves off another takedown and lands a short two-punch combo. Parke glances with a three-punch salvo, then lands a clean left cross. 10-9 Parke.

R2: More front kicks from Parke. Madadi lands an inside low kick. Parke goes back to the front/high kick medley but it's mostly deflected. Another front kick lands to the body for Parke, then a pivoting left counter. Madadi shoots a double and completes it after picking the ankle. Parke's right back up and free from his grasp. Madadi lands a sharp jab and Parke answers with a one-two before initiating a clinch.

They trade places on the fence with Parke landing two glancing knees downstairs. Parke disengages with a left elbow, then follows a one-two back into the clinch. Parke digs another left kick to the ribs, then bobs his head back with an uppercut. Madadi blocks a high kick and lands a short left. Parke forces a clinch and nearly hits a trip. 10-9 Parke.

R3: Parke ducks a right hook and lands another left kick to the body. Madadi answers with a right before putting Parke on the fence in pursuit of a double. Parke pummels under and separates. Madadi lands two quick and short lefts. Another glancing combo from Madadi, who follows behind it to clinch.

Parke goes for a counter takedown, then separates. Madadi lands another stiff left but can't complete the predictable double-leg attempt. Parke initiates a clinch and finishes a double despite eating a knee downstairs in the process. Madadi sits up on the cage and stands, then hand-fights his way out of trouble. Now, possibly tired out, it's Parke lumbering forward for sloppy takedown attempts. 10-9 Madadi. I have it 29-28 Parke.

  • Norman Parke defeats Reza Madadi by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Nicolas Dalby vs. Darren Till

R1: Till lands a short left. They clinch up and Till lands two knees to the body before separating. Now Till glances with a left cross. Till plasters Dalby with a lightning-fast left cross counter. Till counters Dalby's clinch with the Thai plum and lands another knee downstairs, then a left roundhouse kick to the body.

Dalby ducks the next punch and clinches, putting Till on the fence. Till separates quickly and they reset in the center. Till casually catches a Dalby front kick and shakes his head at Dalby with a disappointed look rather than counter. Dalby gets double under-hooks and puts Till on the fence but again can't keep him there. Glancing inside low kick from Dalby is answered by a left high kick to the face from Till. Lead left lands to the face for Till. Right body kick lands for Till, then he floors Dalby with a counter right at the bell. 10-8 Till.

R2: One-two and collar-tie knees to the body from Till. Till barely misses a nasty left high kick. Inside low kick from Till. Left cross lands for Till. Dalby lands two short rights to counter Till's clinch. They clinch again and Till slips behind Dalby with the rear waist cinch. Till walks him to the fence and Dalby tries to hand-fight the grip. Dalby turns to face Till and separates.

Another left cross is there for Till, then a chopping right kick to the ribs. Dalby locks horns and hits an outside trip but Till springs off the canvas, still caught in Dalby's clinch. Knee to the body from Dalby. Then another before Till separates. Till catches a Dalby kick and drills him with a pair of left crosses. 10-9 Till.

R3: Till glances with a one-two. Dalby sneaks in a tricky left high kick and it lands square with the foot on Till's face. They clinch and Till looks to hoist a single leg but Dalby keeps his balance. Dalby ups his output, attacking more often with short punches. Till lands a counter elbow. Dalby lands a clinch takedown and Till pops back up.

Dalby lands another off-time high kick and it stiffens Till. Dalby stays on the trigger with a one-two and lands it. Dalby clinches and Till separates. Till might be out of gas here. Dalby clinches up and hits a takedown easily; Till just lays there and lets Dalby pass to mount. Dalby goes to the half back-ride, landing unanswered left hands to the head. Till gets back to his feet and Dalby barely misses with a knee to the head. Dalby clinches, gets a rear waist lock and takes Till down. Till is back up quickly but clearly exhausted. Dalby flings a salvo of short rights into Till's face, then lands two knees to the head. 10-8 Dalby. I have it 28-27 Till.

  • Nicolas Dalby vs. Darren Till is ruled a majority draw (28-28 x2, 29-28 Till)

Jon Delos Reyes vs. Neil Seery

R1: Reyes attacks with both hands and Seery lands a looping left hook. Reyes catches Seery with a straight right on his way into the clinch. Seery circles off the fence and separates, then flashes a left/right combo in open space. Reyes gets caught with a counter right while reaching out on a clinch entry, but recomposes himself and finishes a takedown. Seery goes for a loose armbar but uses it to create space and escape.

Seery keeping sharp leather whirring around Reyes' head anytime he's in range. Seery continues to throw volume attacks and Reyes changes levels for a double; Seery uses the front headlock to reverse. Reyes threatens with a guillotine to facilitate an escape back to the feet, then reverses Seery's throw attempt but Seery escapes immediately. Seery knocks Reyes back with a clean right and closes the round with an outside low kick. 10-9 Seery.

R2: Seery glances with a clubbing right and Reyes answers with an uppercut. Seery peels off a one-two and follows with a low kick that Reyes catches, and Seery immediately drops back for a guillotine. Reyes pulls his head loose and deftly slithers into back control with both hooks in. Seery turtles, looking to slip out the back door, and does.

Reyes back to his feet but eats a rugged knee to the gut, and Seery keeps him on the fence. Seery nearly hoists Reyes with a double leg, then succeeds on the second attempt. Reyes lands a clean one-two on the break, then they both plant their feet and trade punches. Two consecutive knees land to the body for Reyes, who shoots but gets locked in a deep guillotine. Reyes taps.

  • Neil Seery defeats Jon Delos Reyes by submission (guillotine choke) R2 4:12

Fight Pass Prelims (1:15 p.m. ET)

Mickael Lebout vs. Steven Ray

R1: Lebout flings a jab and dings Ray with a right cross. Low kick lands for Ray. Using a very closed stance, it's a nice left cross that lands for Ray. Now a left kick to the body from Ray, then a left cross that snaps Lebout's head back. Another left body kick from Ray, then a glancing left cross.

Lebout grazes with a counter right, then lands a straight right. Ray answers with a straight left and Lebout glances with a right. Glancing one-two from Ray, then another. The next left cross lands square to Lebout's face. Ray beating Lebout to the punch and edging him on most of the combos. Lebout lands a counter right. 10-9 Ray.

R2: Ray sticks with the one-two as Lebout works angles and tries to find a way in. Two-punch combo lands for Ray, then an outside low kick. And another low kick. Ray jolts Lebout's head back with another straight left. Lebout corners Ray and glances with a right before clinching but Ray separates easily, landing an inside low kick in open space.

Hard low kick to the inner thigh from Ray. Glancing jab from Lebout, then the same with a right. Two glancing outside low kicks from Lebout, who puts Ray on the fence with a clinch. Ray uses the Thai plum to eject and just misses with a jumping switch kick. Lebout answers with his own switch kick but Ray catches it and takes him down. Lebout pops back up quickly and separates. 10-9 Ray.

R3: Ray lands a one-two and knocks Lebout off-balance with a counter right hook. Left roundhouse kick lands to the body for Ray. Outside low kick for Ray, then one inside. They trade one-two's and Lebout glances with a follow-up right before clinching but Ray counters with another Thai plum to force the separation. Lebout glances with a counter right.

Ray lands a left hook on the clinch break, then a one-two when they reset. Grazing left body kick lands for Lebout, who forces a clinch. Ray circles off the fence; Lebout separates and glances with a right hand. Sharp counter right from Ray, who tosses Lebout with a double and lands an axe kick to the body to end the round. 10-9 Ray for a 30-27 on my card.

  • Stevie Ray defeats Michael Lebout by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Ericka Almeida vs. Aisling Daly

R1: Daly uncharacteristically charges out winging both hands. They clinch and Almeida puts Daly on the fence. Daly circles off as Almeida grazes with a cross-face elbow. Almeida circles off and pulls Daly away from the fence, landing a trio of knees to the body from the Thai plum. Daly lowers her level and puts Almeida on the fence, looking for a throw after securing the body lock.

Almeida digs in an under-hook to stay upright. Daly bails on the body lock to throw lefts but there's nothing on them. We have a stalemate on the fence as Daly persists with the body lock. Daly finally scores an outside trip, landing in Almeida's guard. Almeida goes for a high guard and Daly stacks the legs, sandwiching Almeida on the fence. A left and right land for Daly, who cradles the leg to pass as the horn sounds. 10-9 Daly.

R2: Daly with another bull-rush to start the round, and she puts Almeida on the fence. Outside trip for Daly after securing the body lock; Almeida hooks a leg but Daly prevents the sub attempt with top pressure. Daly works for an arm triangle but Almeida's closed half guard won't allow it. Daly postures up and rains down right hands and hammer-fists.

Almeida goes feet on hips but can't boot Daly away. Daly gets careless with her posture and Almeida half-secures a triangle, then sweeps Daly when she reacts defensively. Almeida with a head-and-arm cradle in side control to prevent the cage-walk, then she takes Daly's back with both hooks in. No punches from Almeida as she fishes for the rear-naked choke. Decent over-the-shoulder punches from Daly with Almeida on her back. 10-9 Daly.

R3: They clinch and Daly shuts down an attempted back-take from Almeida. Daly lands short elbows to the thighs, then, with both fighters holding an ankle pick, Daly elbows and punches the knee of the grounded Almeida. The fight persists in an odd position with Almeida, on her back, up-kicking Daly to the body and Daly holding Almeida's ankle and throwing punches. 10-9 Daly for a 30-27 overall on my card.

  • Aisling Daly defeats Ericka Almeida by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-27, 29-28)

Scott Askham vs. Krzysztof Jotko

R1: Askham lands a hard outside low kick. Askham lands another and they both trade glancing punches. A third kick to Jotko's extended lead leg from Askham. Jotko ducks the next combo and hits an outside trip. Strong, high base from Jotko as Askham looks to elevate with a butterfly hook. Jotko glances with a few punches and Askham closes his guard.

Askham puts his back on the cage and stands up but can't escape the clinch and goes back down. Askham slings a leg over for triangle position but switches to a bent-armbar attempt that Jotko oddly ignores. Askham stays with it but Jotko finally loosens his arm. Mediocre ground-and-pound from Jotko. 10-9 Jotko.

R2: Askham opens with another outside low kick. Relatively even exchanges on the feet for the first two minutes. Another outside low kick for Askham. Jotko answers with one inside. Jotko just misses on a spearing back-elbow as Askham forces a clinch. Jotko lands a knee downstairs and circles off the fence but Askham separates.

Inside low kick glances for Askham and we pause for an accidental finger to the eye of Jotko. Hard front kick to the face lands for Askham and Jotko celebrates eating it square. No dice on Jotko's lead back-elbow. 10-9 Askham.

R3: Askham whiffs a left kick but manages to find Jotko's chin with a quick left. Another clean left lands for Askham. Outside low kick for Askham. Jotko lands a knee downstairs during a quick clinch encounter. Now a jumping switch kick from Askham on his way into the clinch but it misses. Jotko locks horns and puts Askham on the fence; Askham goes for a slick whizzer throw but ends up on his back. Askham pops back up and they reset in the center.

Jotko lands a counter right. Askham follows a left into the clinch and keeps Jotko there with a tight waist, then a body lock. Pestering knees to the thigh from Askham. Short right lands for Jotko. Outside low kick lands for Askham. 10-10. I have it a 28-28 draw.

  • Krzysztof Jotko defeats Scott Askham by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Tom Breese vs. Cathal Pendred

R1: Pendred opens with an outside low kick. Breese stays calm, jabbing from range and sidestepping the first few bull-rushes. Breese steps back and sits down on a nasty left cross that buckles Pendred's legs. No dice on Pendred's takedown attempt. Breese lands a stiff jab that bloodies Pendred's nose, then glances with a laser-straight left. Pendred ducks a left and clinches up, putting Breese on the fence.

Breese circles off with an under-hook and separates unscathed. A serious amount of blood coming from Pendred's nose but he manages to land a short right over the top. Breese hammers the body of Pendred with a counter uppercut. Pendred blocks a left high kick. Breese loosens a four-punch counter and pops Pendred with at least two. Front kick to the gut lands for Breese, followed by a pair of vicious left crosses that drop Pendred. Breese pounces with punches and the ref jumps in.

  • Tom Breese defeats Cathal Pendred by TKO (punches) R1 4:37

Darren Elkins vs. Robert Whiteford

R1: Whiteford comes out in a distinctly lowered stance. Lead right hook lands for Whiteford. Elkins answers with a right hook, then with a snapping right cross. Left hook off the back foot lands square for Whiteford. Elkins follows behind two one-two's for a double leg but Whiteford dings him with a heavy counter. Elkins regroups a hits a double leg; Whiteford is warned for an illegal elbow.

Whiteford escapes and they both land right hands simultaneously. Elkins doggedly pursues another takedown and gets it, this time keeping Whiteford down. Whiteford works double butterfly and it allows enough leverage for an escape. Whiteford keeps Elkins on the fence but not for long. Elkins grazes with a left hook but gets thumped by a check hook from Whiteford. 10-9 Whiteford.

R2: Elkins tries a duck-under double leg to counter Whiteford's combo but can't get it. Whiteford lands an inside low kick before sprawling on an Elkins takedown attempt. Elkins completes his next attempt and Whiteford goes back to double butterfly. Elkins takes the back as Whiteford escapes and puts both hooks in. Elkins lands two rights and goes for the choke but he lost a hook and settles for top position.

Elkins keeping steady pressure with punches and switching to the body lock to prevent Whiteford's escape. Whiteford takes a knee and Elkins lands two hard knees to the thigh. Whiteford fights back to his feet and curiously keeps Elkins on the cage with a body lock. Elkins breaks the grip and lands a hard right before clinching but he's tossed by a beautiful hip throw. Elkins recovers and reattaches, completing another double leg. 10-9 Elkins.

R3: Counter left lands for Whiteford, who slips the next combo and lands another square. Elkins counters with a successful double leg, twisting Whiteford's back off the cage to prevent escapes. Whiteford gets back up on his third attempt and they reset in the center. Elkins grazes with a well camouflaged left high kick.

Elkins once again unfurls both hands rapidly on his entry, landing one or two before completing the double. Elkins slips to back control on the escape and gets both hooks in, landing right hands to the head to open up the rear-naked choke. It's a steady hail of left punches and hammer-fists from Elkins to close the round. 10-9 Elkins. I have it 29-28 Elkins.

  • Darren Elkins defeats Robert Whiteford by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Bubba Bush vs. Garreth McLellan

R1: McLellan, in southpaw, prods with varied lead-leg front and low kicks. Bush initiates a clinch and puts him on the fence with a body lock but can't hit the throw. McLellan moves to guillotine position and Bush trips him to complete the takedown. McLellan stays with the guillotine and uses it to sweep and stand up. Bush keeps him on the cage, landing a short body knee and dropping for a double leg.

McLellan counters with the front headlock but Bush hits another outside trip to ground him, landing in half guard. Bush keeps a strong base and passes to side mount, then to north-south. McLellan regains half guard and gets the kimura grip, using it to turtle. With only half guard, McLellan can't capitalize and Bush goes to the back ride. McLellan takes a knee and stands up, then falls back for a sacrifice guillotine. 10-10 for even offense.

R2: McLellan lands a left body kick with the toes. Bush hits a double leg but McLellan stands back up quickly, though he's still trapped in a body lock. Bush completes another outside trip but an egregious cage-grab from McLellan perhaps assists with him landing on top and in side control. Open half guard from Bush as McLellan works the body with lefts.

Very little effort or activity from Bush as McLellan chips away with short punches. Hard left elbow to the body from McLellan followed by an aggressive flurry of postured-up punches. McLellan has Bush pinned against the fence and parallel to it, and the South African capitalizes with strong ground-and-pound to close the frame. 10-9.

R3: McLellan opens up with a lead uppercut that lands, then shoots a double. Bush defends initially but succumbs to it eventually. Bush goes for a counter single, then takes a knee instead of establishing half guard and McLellan takes his back. Bush executes a slippery escape and McLellan curiously falls back for another sacrifice guillotine -- Bush slips his head out easily.

Now it's Bush who takes McLellan's back on the escape attempt, with one hook in. McLellan spins to face him and finishes a double leg on the fence. Lethargic half guard again from Bush with McLellan peppering with short rights. McLellan keeps a steady pace until the last 20 seconds, when he goes all-out with ground-and-pound to finish Bush off with just two seconds on the clock.

  • Gareth McLellan defeats Bubba Bush by TKO (punches) R3 4:58