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Bellator 144: Halsey vs. Carvalho live results, play by play, video stream

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Live updates and results for tonight's Bellator 144 fight card, which is headlined by Brandon Halsey vs. Rafael Carvalho for the vacant middleweight championship.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, play by play and streaming video (preliminary card) as Bellator 144: Halsey vs. Carvalho takes flight from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT.

Former middleweight champion Brandon Halsey, who was stripped of the belt when he couldn't make weight for his first title defense, faces once-beaten Brazilian slugger Rafael Carvalho for the still-vacant championship. Also on the main card: scrappy wrestle-boxer Brennan Ward draws Dennis Olson in a welterweight bout, flashy welterweight kickboxer Michael "Venom" Page meets Charlie Ontiveros and featherweight prospect Goiti Yamauchi fights Isao Kobayashi.

The live stream of the preliminary card will begin at approximately 6:45 p.m. ET and the main card launches on Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET. The full lineup follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for info and analysis on the card.

Bellator 144

Brandon Halsey vs. Rafael Carvalho (MW championship)

R1: Halsey marches out of his corner and gets deep on a double leg, completing it. Halsey carves into half guard, then to full mount and he cinches on an arm triangle along the way. Though it looked tight, Carvalho escapes and attempts an inverted triangle; it's loose but it's enough to back Halsey off. Carvalho shoots a counter single leg and Halsey sprawls on it, then retakes top position.

Carvalho scoots his back to the fence and uses an underhook to stand up. Halsey changes levels and hits a double. Carvalho is back up, but quickly back down again and Halsey again slithers into mount easily. Halsey bases down and maintains mount. 10-9 Halsey.

R2: Halsey camouflages a double leg behind a few right hands but Carvalho pops back up quickly. Halsey keeps him on the fence and pursues another double leg but, showing impressive defense, Carvalho stays afoot. Carvalho lands a short knee and shoves Halsey away. Shockingly, Carvalho wheels out a left roundhouse kick to the liver and Halsey simply falls down and folds up. That's a wrap. Rafael Carvalho wins the Bellator middleweight championship.

  • Rafael Carvalho defeats Brandon Halsey by KO (liver kick) R2 1:42

Dennis Olson vs. Brennan Ward

R1: Olson immediately ducks a Ward jab in pursuit of a single leg. Ward counters with the front headlock and then wrenches hard on a guillotine, and Olson goes to his back to alleviate the pressure. Ward dings him with a few left elbows in high half guard. Olson throws his legs up sloppily and Ward postures up to avoid it, then backs out to reset on the feet. Ward dots him up with a left hook and a jab and then stiffens him with a heavy uppercut.

Ward half-catches a kick and dings him with a right cross and Olson goes down. Ward slices into full mount with Olson's back resting on the cage, then flattens him out and fires off some ground-and-pound. Olson gets back to half guard but eats a steady diet of left hands and elbows. Ward again backs off to reset on the feet, where he steps back on an Olson combo and crumples him with a meatball right hand. Ward pounces with punches to seal it.

  • Brennan Ward defeats Dennis Olson by TKO (punches) R1 4:37

Isao Kobayashi vs. Goiti Yamauchi

R1: Yamauchi walks Kobayashi into the corner but whiffs on a flying knee. Kobayashi catches a Yamauchi front kick and takes him down. Yamauchi brilliantly goes for an armbar, then transitions into a foot lock and, next, a calf crusher attempt. Kobayashi patiently defends and ends up on top. Yamauchi works a closed guard, angling for an omoplata and then flowing into a leg lock.

Yamauchi gets back control as Kobayashi escapes and locks on a body triangle, fishing for a rear-naked choke. Left hands from Yamauchi to soften him up and as a decoy for the choke. Kobayashi defends with wrist control and Yamauchi works a back-mount arm triangle. Yamauchi switches to the Gable grip rear-naked choke, then back to traditional. Now Yamauchi releases the body triangle to land heel strikes to the body. Kobayashi escapes back to his feet but immediately eats a pair of up-kicks. 10-8 Yamauchi.

R2: Yamauchi peels off a hook/cross combo. Yamauchi with a quick up-knee to the body as Kobayashi clinches. Kobayashi hits an outside trip and falls back into the jaws of Yamauchi's closed guard. Yamauchi leans over for a kimura and gets the two-on-one grip, using it to sweep but keeping the hold.

Yamauchi bails on the kimura and goes to work in half guard. Hard left elbow from Yamauchi and it causes a trickle of blood above Kobayashi's right eye. Yamauchi pelts Kobayashi with left punches and elbows whilst passing to side mount, then he passes to mount and takes Kobayashi's back. 10-8 Yamauchi.

R3: Kobayashi finds some success with low kicks from outside. Right cross lands for Yamauchi, then a knee to the body. Yamauchi plants a front kick in Kobayashi's gut and then drops him with a nasty one-two. Yamauchi goes for a topside kimura and fluidly transitions to back mount as Kobayashi tries to roll out. Back mount with a body triangle for Yamauchi.

Kobayashi is fighting valiantly for having registered barely a fraction of offense throughout the contest. Yamauchi patiently maintains control and is finally able to slip his forearm under the chin to force the tapout via mata leao.

  • Goiti Yamauchi defeats Isao Kobayashi by submission (rear-naked choke) R3

Charlie Ontiveros vs. Michael Page

R1: Page starts out in a distinctly closed stance, attempting a lead-leg stomp kick to the knee. The crowd starts booing the perceived "lack of action" 30 seconds into the fight. Page looking to prod with lead-leg side kicks. Ontiveros forces a clinch but eats a shot on his way in. Page puts him on the cage and hits an outside trip, then uses the knee-pin pass to reach half guard.

Page lands a few short hammer-fists, passes to mount, then transitions to the back during Ontiveros' escape attempt. Ontiveros gets back to guard and Page lands a vicious flurry of thudding elbows -- Ontiveros verbally submits.

  • Michael "Venom" Page defeats Charlie Ontiveros by TKO (verbal submission) R1 3:20

Preliminary Card Results

Kin Moy defeats Walter Smith-Cotito by submission (rear-naked choke) R3 3:53

Billy Giovanella defeats Brandon Polcare by submission (triangle choke) R1 2:19

Matt Bessette defeats Kevin Roddy by submission (heel hook) R1 3:47

Kevin Haley defeats Mike Zichelle by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Matt Secor defeats Jeremie Holloway by submission (Achilles lock) R2 4:54

Marius Enache defeats Pete Rogers by submission (Kesa Gatame armlock) R2 2:37

Sam Watford defeats T.J. Hepburn by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)