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Anderson Silva and team make fun of Steven Seagal

Anderson Silva and Co. mock Steven Seagal.

Steven Seagal, former mentor of Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, has been somewhat of a laughing stock in the MMA community.

The Aikido practitioner partnered with Silva in 2010, but his presence in the UFC was largely shunned as a cheap publicity stunt. Seagal notably took credit for the front kick "The Spider" knocked out Vitor Belfort with at UFC 126, and also for Machida's spectacular crane kick knockout of Randy Couture.

"I am teaching Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida... I show them, you know, a lot," Seagal said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2012. "Not everything I know, but I show them punches and what we call Ashi Sabaki, which means how you move with your feet, how you enter, hand angle, joints, but mostly I'm teaching them kicks and punches...

There is a signature kick that I've taught them that they've knocked champions out with and won world championships with."

In a rare YouTube video, Anderson Silva and his team were seen mocking Seagal's appearance and training methods in Brazil. Check it out above.

Silva dismissed Seagal's training techniques and began to distance himself from the action movie star in 2013. The 63-year-old hasn't been seen in the UFC since.