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Pena says women have '10 times more heart' than men & should get paid more

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Ultimate Fighter 18 winner Julianna Pena says that women "deserve to get paid 10 times more than men."

The Man vs. Woman saga continues. Earlier this week, UFC pioneers Tank Abbott and Don Frye elicited outrage from the MMA community when they made sexist comments about Ronda Rousey. Abbott challenged "Rowdy" to a fight and demanded that she make him a sandwich if he were to win.

"She will have to make me a sandwich. That's what I get for winning," the former UFC heavyweight said.

49-year-old Don Frye backed Abbott up and said that Rousey was delusional for thinking she could beat a male fighter. "But I’m sorry to hurt your little female delusional brain but you are the Bantamweight 'female' fighter. You have no chance of beating a male fighter," he said.

Now, Ultimate Fighter 18 winner Julianna Pena has fired back and claimed that women deserve to get paid 10 times more than men, and believes that they have "10 times more heart" than men.

"Anything a man can do, a woman can do better. That's the way that it should be," Pena said to FOX Sports. "In my opinion, women rule the world. We are the neck and we make the head turn. I feel like that's the way that it should be and I feel like, if anything, we deserve to get paid 10 times more than the men. Sorry to say, but that's just me being a female and me also wanting more money. Women do a better job. We draw more, we're more exciting, we have 10 times more heart, we don't quit. It's a more personal thing for a female and it shows in the fights, and I think we should be getting paid for that. I feel like I should be getting paid more for that."

The #12 ranked female bantamweight fighter also belives that women are underpaid in the business world, and claims they do 10 times more work than men.

"You look at the business aspect of things and the business world and women that do 10 times the work get paid less than a man. That's not right."

Pena is scheduled for a main card slot against Jessica Eye at UFC 192 tomorrow night. The 26-year-old last fought in April, where she TKO'd Milana Dudieva in the first round at UFC Fight Night 63.