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Dana White: Woodley gets next 170-pound title shot, Hendricks is now a middleweight

Dana White has taken a hard stance against Johny Hendricks after he was forced out of his UFC 192 bout with Tyron Woodley.

According to Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports, UFC president Dana White has reacted swiftly to the news of Johny Hendricks being out of UFC 192. Hendricks, a former UFC welterweight champion, was forced out of his bout with Tyron Woodley due to an intestinal blockage and kidney stone that sent him to the ER. It is believed that they were complications from his weight cut.

Woodley immediately came out and said that he should get the next title shot because Hendricks couldn't fight, and apparently Dana White agrees with him according to Mr. Iole:

White also said that Hendricks is now a middleweight, and Marc Ratner that he was way over on Tuesday:

Honestly, it doesn't seem that crazy for me to hear that a guy was 20 pounds over four days before a fight. Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting also was told by Hendricks that he was down to 183 by yesterday, which is par for the course for a guy like him.

Nonetheless, he's not fighting and it'll be a major setback for his career if he's forced to go to middleweight for any length of time.