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Wanderlei Silva: I never tested positive, I'm clean, but they want to ban me from MMA

Wanderlei Silva says he never tested positive and that he has always been a clean fighter.... Hmm.

Wanderlei Silva released a new video to talk about Nick Diaz and his insane 5-year ban from the sport. Interestingly enough, he used the topic of Diaz failing a test for marijuana to bring up his own suspension.

"I've never tested positive for anything," Silva said. "I was always a clean fighter and they want to ban me from the sport. How does that work?"

"But to look on the bright side of the Nick Diaz situation, I think finally our class woke up to the fact that it can happen to anyone." Silva said, somehow relating his situation to the one of Nick's. "I support this movement. I also will not fight again in the state of Nevada."

The Nevada Athletic Commission did seem to have overreached on both situations, but apart from that, the two scenarios aren't really comparable. Silva's lifetime ban has since been lifted, although the former PRIDE champ has still chosen to retire as he is unhappy with his current employers. As for asking 'how does that work', well it would really be hard to test positive, when you've ran from the actual tests.

After criticizing the commission, Silva also surprisingly offered his services to work with them.

"This commission should have a professional athlete working there. I am available to work together with the commission to create clear laws that give the athletes the proper respect."

Wanderlei went on to ask people to sign the Diaz petition (a weird call since it already reached the goal of 100k signatures), and to talk about fighters' need to come together and fight for their rights (a correct call if they want improvements in how fighters are paid and treated).