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Ronda Rousey's mom on coach: Some lines can't be crossed, can't be forgiven

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The full 31 minute interview with Ronda Rousey's mother putting coach Edmond Tarverdyan on blast has been released. According to her, the UFC champ is "loyal to a fault" and stays because she doesn't want to burn bridges.

Earlier in the week, two very short clips have been released with Ronda Rousey's mother going off on her daughter's coach in Edmond Tarverdyan. Now, we get a bit more context on the short rants we saw, as the full 31 minute interview has been released.

"The one concern I had for her (entering MMA) was about making a living out of it, and that proved me wrong. The other concern I had for her, is the type of people that are around (in MMA). And that proved to be right to a great extent," Dr. Ann Maria De Mars said.

"I actually think the UFC people are okay. The get a lot of bad press, but they're in the business to make money. People all the time taught 'oh this was for the benefit of the sport' -- they're in the business to make money and there's nothing wrong with that... It's very easy to see where their their motives are."

"Amateur sports, these Olympic sports, are some of the most corrupt I've ever seen. That was kinda the bad thing about Judo for Ronda too, she was balancing around some really bad people. There are a few good people, but a lot of really bad ones," she continued. "In MMA she's around some people that I think are really bad for her... People who do not have her best interests at heart."

"I think the people who run the UFC do, because her best interest aligns with theirs. Their best interest is for her to be healthy for a long time, and win a lot of fights to make a lot of money, and then they make a lot of money too," she said. "But then there's other people that they want her to be associated with them whether it's for her benefit or not."

Earlier in the interview, De Mars told a story on how Ronda grew to be one of the best Judokas in the world by bringing her to various gyms. She taught her armbars, which was her specialty, but she made sure to take Ronda to teachers who were also very good at very different and very specific techniques that she wanted her daughter to develop.

According to her, doing so doesn't just turn Ronda into a mirror image of her Judo style, but she'd be truly well rounded and complete. While it seems like there are many more reasons for the vitriol, this was one of the things she mentioned that was off about Tarverdyan.

She is loyal to a fault. She overlooks things and she makes excuses.

"For example I think it's terrible that Ronda's at the same gym so much. It's terrible! Because when she was young, and one of the reasons she got so good was I took her to lots of places. Because I cared more about her and her success than my name. So I don't care if anyone gives me credit, I wanted her to do well."

"There's an example of somebody who does not have her best interest at heart. Sometimes your best interests align with those people and it's all good, sometimes they don't."

"I think Chris Weidman said a really kind of thing when Jon Jones got in all that trouble. He said 'people don't understand that when you're champion the world, it's even more than being rich and famous'. Everybody wants to be around the champion of the world. You've got money and you're famous too, and no one tells you (when) you're going off in the wrong direction. I worry about Ronda every day."

The next sequence on the interview is the portion that they released the first time, with De Mars calling Edmond a 'terrible coach' and a 'bad person'. If you missed it, you can read the quotes there, where she also brings up how he didn't want to teach Rousey for months, and now he uses her to lure people in the gym.

After that segment ended with her telling Tarverdyan to "sue me", she continued with the following statements.

"By the way, I think Ronda is wonderful and I love her. So there's not a bad thing I could say about Rowdy," she states. "He's a horrible person, and she wins despite him because she's hard working! And she's wonderful. She does so much charity stuff, good stuff you don't even know."

"I think she is loyal to a fault, and I mean that very literally. I mean it's one thing to dump people when you become successful but yeah, I think she overlooks things and she makes excuses."

"She thinks that sometimes I'm a really mean person because I refuse to do that. 'Oh you know, you never forgave him'," she said, imitating Ronda arguing with her. "I said 'there are some lines that should not be crossed and there's some things that cannot be forgiven'."

"...there are people that do bad things. And then that's why I think evil continues in this world, because people are afraid to speak up."

"You see people who do bad things, and no one wants to cause any waves. 'I don't want to burn any bridges' ...You know what, some bridges should be burned and you should salt the land behind you! Because there are some people who are bad and then you allow that kind of evil to continue because no one wants to speak up. No one wants to burn any bridges or make any waves."

"Dana White, the one thing I kinda do admire about him, is he does speak up when he thinks something is completely wrong"

While Dr. Ann Maria didn't expound much on the 'lines' that was crossed on this clip, she did mention a few more reasons on a much newer interview. According to her, apart from many fighters 'doing worse' after working with Edmond, it also had to do with how Tarverdyan speaks and treats women in a 'jaw dropping' 'extremely disrespectful way'.