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Stephen Thompson's advice for Sage Northcutt: 'Work your way up slowly'

The original "Wonderboy" gives young up and comer Sage Northcutt advice for scheduling his next fight.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sage Northcutt (6-0) has been referred to by a few as Wonderboy 2.0. The similarities are a little bit eerie. Even the original Wonderboy, Stephen Thompson (11-1), sees the close resemblance.

"He basically came up the same way I did. He has a close dad as a coach and a karate background," Thompson told Bloody Elbow.

Thompson went even further in the comparisons but is hoping that Northcutt doesn't follow a similar path for his second UFC fight. The 19 year old Northcutt won his first UFC fight with a quick TKO victory, similar to Thompson.

"I would give him some advice. He had a great first fight in the UFC. With that first round knockout, you're excited and sometimes the UFC will put you up against a veteran fighter. Maybe he's not ready for that," Thompson said.

"He was 5-0, the same as me before I came into the UFC. I had my first fight, a spectacular first round knockout, and then the next fight they put me against Matt Brown (Brown won by decision). I would like to see him work his way up slowly. Just get that Octagon experience before he takes on the high level guys."

To further cement the idea that Northcutt and Thompson share a lot in common, it was announced last week that Northcutt would begin training at Tristar with Georges St-Pierre. Thompson has trained with GSP in the past and was a key part of St-Pierre's training camp for Carlos Condit. He thinks that Northcutt made a wise decision to train with the former UFC Welterweight Champion.

"What better wrestler to train with than the person who was the welterweight champion for years. It's definitely going to take him up to that next level. I think that's great," Thompson said.

"Hopefully I get to meet him and hopefully we can get him down here to do some training with me as well. That would be cool."

Thompson, who is now the 8th ranked fighter in the Welterweight division, is waiting on an opponent for his next fight. He has suggested that a fight between him and #9 ranked Tarec Saffiedine would provide him with a nice test. This goes along with Thompson's motto of taking the fight game slowly and not rushing for a title shot.

"I'm 32 years old and I want to make a run for a title and I'll do it as long as my body will let me. I'm just waiting to see but I wouldn't mind stepping into the ring with one of the nine to eleven ranked guys before I make that next step up to a top five guy."