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Video: Ronda Rousey hip tosses NFL Hall of Famer Strahan

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Ronda Rousey is making the talk show circuits to promote her UFC 193 bout against Holly Holm. On Monday she went on Live with Kelly and Michael, where she tossed former NFL great Michael Strahan to the mats.

UFC 193 is creeping up. And as such, the flow of Ronda Rousey videos and interviews from main stream outlets has started. She's been a guest host on ESPN, started making the late night talk show rounds, and now she's on morning circuit too, as she appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael, to promote her upcoming fight and maybe show off a few judo skills in the meantime.

Here's what Rousey had to tell the audience about the origins of her mean mug:

"Well, it started when I was a kid. I would go to these judo tournaments when I was little and you would sit under the score table. And I would play these games with other kids I was about to fight. My mom would pull me aside and sit me in a corner. She'd be like, "Sit there and think about winning." And she would make me focus. And then my godfather, he would tell me, he's like, "Okay, if you want to look mean, you need to look down. You need to try to look through your eyebrows." So, he would practice me and be, "Like this, like this." Like, this little ten year old me, "Like this? Is this how I look mean?" And yeah, I just try to... I think about what I'm about to do and it just comes through in my face."

She also took some time to show the hosts, Kelly Rippa and former NFL star Michael Strahan, a few of the ropes of MMA training. Including a nifty little judo throw demo on the 6' 5" 4x all pro defensive end. So, check out the video of her appearance on the show, above.