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Sage Northcutt's opponent fails drug test after UFC 192

Looks like Francisco Trevino needed a little extra salt in the wound, as it's now been revealed that he failed his post fight drug test following a TKO loss to prospect Sage Northcutt.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you're going to go out, you might as well go out in a blaze of glory. That seems to have been Frank Trevino's mantra heading into his UFC 192 bout against Sage Northcutt. Trevino came into the fight four pounds over the lightweight limit of 156. He got TKO'd in under a minute by the UFC's new (and quite literally golden) boy, disputed the stoppage, shoved the ref, and to top it all off, failed his drug test.

That last news is the latest from MMAFighting, who reported the results of the Texas Combative Sports Program's drug testing for UFC 192. It appears that Trevino tested positive for marijuana in his post-fight screening, with a level of 69 ng/ml. Unfortunately for him, had his fight been contested under strict WADA guidelines (like those used by the UFC's new USADA program), his levels wouldn't have triggered a positive test, as the new WADA threshold for marijuana metabolites is 150 ng/ml. As a result of his positive test, Trevino has been suspended for 90 days and fined $5,000.

Fighting also reported that Trevino will not be punished for his altercation with referee Herb Dean after the bout, as Dean did not wish to pursue a penalty for the fighter. All that remains to be seen now is what, if any, action the UFC will take against him. It seems likely that the sheer multitude of issues surrounding Trevino's latest bout for the promotion will lead to his release, although there has been no official comment from the promotion to date.