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Nick Diaz's lawyer comments on petition hitting 100,000 signatures

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Lucas Middlebrook says that the petition getting to 100k highlights the injustice surrounding Nick Diaz's five year suspension.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It took a while, but supporters of Nick Diaz finally hit the magic number. After Diaz was issued a ridiculous five year suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission for a disputed positive test for marijuana metabolites, fans took to the internet to gather the required 100,000 signatures necessary for the White House to review the punishment.

Yesterday, they hit that target.

Diaz's lawyer Lucas Middlebrook offered a comment regarding the target being reached (via MMA Fighting):

"Amazing. The White House response is anybody's guess. The 100,000 does, however, prove that our defense prevailed in the court of public opinion, further highlighting the injustice of the entire proceeding."

Middlebrook handled the defense for Diaz in front of the commission and offered up many good points, but they were summarily ignored by the members and Diaz was issued the very harsh term. It seemed like the petition target may not have been hit in recent days, but a final push got the required number.

According to the MMA Fighting article, Middlebrook is waiting for a written decision from NAC before he can proceed with a petition for judicial review.