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Nick Diaz reaches 100,000 signatures for White House petition

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The White House will be reviewing Nick Diaz' case against the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images

It's happening. MMA's favourite villain Nick Diaz has done it again. The enigmatic fighter has rallied fight fans, fighters and high-profile celebrities to unify in support against his five-year suspension handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NAC).

The White House will be reviewing Diaz' case against the NAC due to 100,000 signatures being reached earlier today.

Diaz, 32, tested positive for marijuana metabolites on the night of his clash with Anderson Silva at UFC 183. It marked the third time he'd failed a drugs test and the NAC came down hard on him.

Despite Diaz passing two urine samples from WADA accredited lab SMRTL, the commission were adamant in their conviction of the former Strikeforce champion and subject him to a $165,000 fine on-top of the suspension.

His opponent Anderson Silva, who tested positive for steroids at UFC 183, was hit with a minor one-year ban and could return to the Octagon as early as February next year.

Amidst the outrage, a passionate fan filed a petition to the Obama Administration arguing for the ban to be lifted. The petition was expected to be short by 15,000 signatures, but a final surge of support saw to it that the goal was reached.

Nick Diaz will also be challenging the NAC's ruling in a court of law. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more updates.