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Watch: Woman barges into Faber's house, poops herself

Trouble at Casa Faber? The multiple time UFC title contender is sharing the video of a strange encounter with an unwelcome visitor.

It looks like Urijah Faber is under attack from all sides. If it's not his ongoing battle with Duane Ludwig, or his new split with T.J. Dillashaw, he's being bombarded in his own home by a pooping, vomiting invader... Yeah, there's not really any better way to put that. On October 11th, Faber uploaded a series of videos to SnapChat, as well as a post on Instagram to let fans know that someone (who appears to be under the influence of one or several substances) had barged into his house, baricaded herself in the bathroom and proceeded to defecate and throw up all the heck over it.

A photo posted by Urijah Faber (@urijahfaber) on

"Case of the Late night Crapping Vomiting Burglar women....solved. Watch the whole story unfold play by play on my snapchat. Urijahfaber1 #snapchatme warning so friggin disgusting & wrong 23 hrs left."

And of course, since he uploaded the whole thing as a series of videos, someone strung them all together to make a nice cohesive account of the whole incident, which you can watch above.

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