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Watch - Tate talks Cyborg fight: 'She would probably kick the crap out of me'

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While on the set of Fight Valley Cris Cyborg flipped some people onto cars, while Miesha Tate talked about a potential future fight with Invicta's 145 lb champ.

Fight Valley is an MMA themed murder mystery featuring a couple of the UFC's biggest WMMA stars, Holly Holm and Miesha Tate, as well as Invicta's 145 lb champion Cris Cyborg. The film has generated some interesting press in the MMA world, as it was during her time on the set that Tate learned that her title shot against Ronda Rousey would be going to co-star Holm.

That hasn't necessarily chilled the working environment between the two women, but it has added a little more attention to the project in general. Also driving some interest is a potential fight at some point down the road between Tate and Cyborg, as Cyborg attempts to move down in weight to 135 lbs, and get her own fight against Rousey in the UFC. Miesha Tate spoke about the possibility as part of a behind the scenes trailer for the film, saying that Cyborg "would probably kick the crap out of me, but I would try." Tate also affirmed that Cyborg is still working on making the cut to bantamweigth, despite still not having any firm dates for a next fight at either 140 or 135 lbs.

Check out the interviews, including some time with the director and stars, and a couple of scenes of Cyborg effortlessly tossing people onto vehicles.