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Urijah Faber talks TAM vs McGregor near-brawl in TUF, Ludwig's peanut butter

Urijah Faber details a behind-the-scenes scrap that almost went down between members of TAM and Conor McGregor, as well as information on Duane Ludwig's peanut butter selling activities.

Late Thursday night, Urijah Faber and members from Team Alpha Male recorded a very entertaining and revealing episode of their Stud Show podcast. Bits and pieces have been transcribed by various websites, mostly focusing on the recent departure of current UFC bantamweight champion, T.J. Dillashaw from the team.

Flying under the radar from the show was a pretty funny story about TUF 22 cast member, David Teymur, along with a little more detail relayed about Duane Ludwig's peanut butter selling action. Read about them below.

The behind-the-scenes TUF scrap that almost happened

Urijah Faber: Spoiler alert: Conor's [McGregor] talking a bunch of crap and he's friends with Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta], so we had this conversation, but they're not showing it on the show. They're trying to build the golden boy up, there's editing, there's mixed up fight orders, there's conversations that were started, but you only see a portion of it, etc.

David Teymur doesn't understand English well enough yet, he says, ‘Take off your dirty underwear because I'm gonna fuck you!'  -Urijah Faber

So me and Conor are having a conversation, and he says, ‘What's up with Duane [Ludwig] like talking a bunch of crap about your team? Isn't that weird?' I'm like, ‘Yeah, it's weird, it's a long story. I'd have to sit down to even tell you about it.' So that was enough, that little smidgeon, for Conor to do some asking around or whatever, and then he starts like needling at it. Cody [Garbrandt] gets up and actually stands up to him because T.J. [Dillashaw] leaves and he starts talking about ‘T.J.'s a snake in the grass' and all that stuff.

Justin Buchholz: So, you guys are sitting on the bleachers, you, T.J. and Cody, T.J. gets up to leave, Conor starts running his mouth about T.J. being a snake in the grass, but you and Cody are still there, and that's the famous scene we all saw?

Urijah Faber: Yeah. Danny [Castillo] is there and [Andre] Fili is there and Conor is telling us all about T.J. being a snake and that, ‘Duane comes in for five minutes, but takes all the credit because he's a psycho and I'll tell him to his face,' and all this stuff. Conor doesn't like Duane either because he sees what's going on.

So, Fili is like, ‘It's real convenient that T.J. leaves and you start running your mouth.' Conor's like (in a very affected voice, ‘Oh yeah? I'll say it to his face. I don't care about that.' Fili's like, ‘Well you're not. You waited until he left and now you're talking a bunch of crap.' Conor's like, ‘Well what are you gonna do about it, huh? What are you gonna do about it?' Fili says, ‘I'm just telling you, dude.' Danny was chiming in, too.

You know Cody doesn't take crap from anybody, and he said, real quick-fire, because he's a bad mofo, so he's sitting there and he's already fuming because Conor's been needling and needling and needling. Conor starts saying to Fili, ‘What are you gonna do about it?' and you're not allowed to pick a fight -- you're not allowed to fight on the show. Cody says, ‘I'll do something about it, motherfucker,' [laughing], but as he's saying that, he's standing up and rushing into Conor, so Conor stands up and Cody just fuckin' chest bumps him and knocks him back a little bit...

Justin Buchholz: Everyone rushes in

Urijah Faber: Yeah, and now everyone is like this, all going back and forth, and David Teymur doesn't understand English well enough yet, he says, ‘Take off your dirty underwear because I'm gonna fuck you!' [loud laughing] That fucking made everybody bust up laughing. We're about to get in this fight or whatever, and then it all calms down. That was fun enough, you know? He goes, ‘I'm gonna fuck all you guys! You will suck my dick tonight!' We're all laughing so hard. Oh my gosh, man, it was much needed at the time.

Justin Buchholz: I wonder if they're gonna show that?

Urijah Faber: They've got to because I did an interview right after where I talked about this happening and this happened and this happened, and then, so-and-so said he wanted to eff everybody.

I'm gonna tell you a final statement about the whole situation. T.J.'s got lots of friends on the team. Maybe some guys will end up leaving with him, probably not, but you never know. It's like, ‘Who's coming with me,' while they're taking the goldfish. They FREAK OUT! WHO'S COMING WITH ME? [laughs] But anyways, who knows? We can all be friends, dude, but it is what it is. You left the team, cut and dry. Life goes on. High five and a hug if I see ya, cool. Let's go out on the boat, whatever.

Justin Buchholz: Right on

The Peanut butter chronicles

Someone called in requesting some back story on the remarks Urijah made about Ludwig selling peanut butter at the gym front desk, and Faber decided to tell the story.

Urijah Faber: So Duane opened this swap market at the front desk, because when he moved here, he was broke as a damn joke. He's trying to do everything in his power to make a dollar. He's jumping over a dollar to pick up a penny all day long. He gets free peanut butter from a peanut butter company -- it must be a friend from Colorado or whatever -- so he's just eating peanut butter all day, and then he starts slangin' 75 cent peanut butter packets at the front desk alongside everything else under the sun. I felt bad for the guy. I was paying him for privates, and I'm like, ‘This guy needs some money,' you know? He's leaving every weekend to do a seminar, charging, but only making a couple hundred bucks here and there. Anyway, he was selling peanut butter that he got for free at the front desk, that's all. Can't blame the man for his hustle.