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Wiz Khalifa gives #FreeNickDiaz shout out to fans

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Nick Diaz has become something of a cause celebre for the marijuana rights advocates out there, including noted pot smoker and hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa.

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It's amazing what kind of a galvanizing force the right person in the right, or in this case wrong, situation can be. For Nick Diaz it seems that his showdown with the Nevada State Athletic Commission has put him front and center as both a champion for fighters' rights and, of course, for the rights of Mary Jane. Noted pot smoker and rapper Wiz Khalifa got wind of Diaz's legal troubles and wanted to give the fighter some words of support while addressing his fans on Instagram.

Coming straight from his tour in Melbourne, Australia, where he's performing on October 1st:

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In the meantime, while he waits for the legal process to continue through appeals the #FreeNickDiaz White House petition continues to gain support, sitting at about 65,000 signatures of it's 100,000 goal. Oh, and Nick Diaz has got himself a new job suited to his particular set of skills, Cannabis Judge: