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Hendo on Jon Jones: 'Nobody the UFC would want as a role model'

Dan Henderson recently spoke up on Jon Jones checking himself into rehab, and had less than kind words for the LHW champ.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones' drug test failure for cocaine has sent a ripple through the MMA world, and everyone has something to say about the current UFC champ and his conduct. Recently, speaking to Fox Sports, former Pride Champion and UFC title contender, Dan Henderson gave his thoughts on Jones' drug test failure and the drug use that Henderson claims he'd "heard that he (Jones) was doing these things for a couple years." More to the point, Henderson focused on Jones' duplicity and drug use, and how it made the champion a pretty poor role model for young fans.

"With the DUI that he's had and now testing positive for cocaine, he's not acting as a good role model for kids and nobody the UFC would want as a role model for kids growing up that watch the UFC," Henderson said. "It's a shame, it's unfortunate that he is that way but we'll see what he does with it. It would be refreshing if he could come out and just act the way he actually is and I think people would actually embrace that more than being a fake."

While Hendo claims that he still has respect for Jones as a fighter, he also went on to say that he hasn't had any for Jones as a person for quite some time.

"I just have no respect for him as a person," Henderson said. "Even before I heard that he tested positive, I didn't have that respect for him. As a fighter, he absolutely has every fighter's respect as far as what his talents are, but as a person I just don't respect guys that talk the way he does about people, are arrogant the way that he is, and act holier than thou but really they're dirtier than thou."

And on a side note, Hendo also had some words about Jones' lifestyle in regards to his own career longevity, saying "Maybe it's staying away from the cocaine that's made me prolong my career so long."