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Like Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier's T/E ratio was also low

It appears that Jon Jones' opponent at UFC 182, Daniel Cormier, also had an irregular T/E ratio.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

During all the hoopla surrounding Jon Jones and his failed drug test for cocaine metabolites, his UFC 182 opponent Daniel Cormier has been nothing but respectful. Jones beat Cormier fair and square according to the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner, and he hopes Jones gets the help he needs in rehab. One odd thing about Cormier did come up in all this though - his T/E ratio.

After the Jones drug tests results were released to the public, focus was immediately put on his low T/E ratios across all three tests. This led to media members asking the Nevada State Athletic Commission to conduct CIR testing on the samples. NSAC head Bob Bennett said that they did indeed do that, and everything was fine. A tidbit in MMA Fighting's article on the issues focused the light on Cormier's tests as well:

By contrast, Daniel Cormier, Jones' opponent at UFC 182, had a T/E ratio of .4 on Dec. 2 and .48 on Dec. 17. Cormier passed both those tests.
Bennett was as quick to dismiss anyone questioning Cormier's levels as he was with Jones:
"There's no problem with Daniel," Bennett said. "Trust me."
So I guess that's that.