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GSP not impressed by his own performance, calls classic comment toward Hughes 'low-class'

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It sounds like GSP doesn't have the same fond memories of his iconic words as many MMA fans.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

"I'm not impressed by your performance." If you've been an MMA fan, even over just the past half decade, you no doubt know exactly what these words mean, and where they come from. Then welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre uttered them at UFC 63 all the way back in 2006. They came, following Matt Hughes' second title defense, in his second reign as UFC champion. It was an iconic moment in the rise of GSP, as he would go on to face Matt Hughes for the second time, and this time win the belt and start his own era as the most dominant welterweight champion in UFC history. Fond memories for anyone... except maybe GSP.

In the recent fight pass mini-documentary, Fightography: Georges St. Pierre, GSP reflected on his callout of Matt Hughes, and his words for himself, were less than kind. (transcription via MMAJunkie)

"It's not my style to go in, and it was very low-class from my part to go in there and ruin his celebration," St-Pierre admits in the newest edition of "Fightography" on UFC Fight Pass."
"I thought he was talking smack about me," St-Pierre said. "Now I look at it, and it makes me laugh."

As GSP went on to explain, he hadn't been paying attention to Hughes' post fight speech, and when the UFC called him into the Octagon, he assumed it had been because Hughes was calling him out. So, GSP responded in kind and MMA got one of it's most iconic post fight moments.

You can check out a preview of the mini-doc below: