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Holly Holm: I have a lot to prove before I get a title fight against Ronda Rousey

UFC bantamweight competitor Holy Holm discusses her desire to fight in the near future and her thoughts on a potential match-up against Ronda Rousey.

After starting her MMA career with six straight fights in a twelve-month period, Holly Holm is anxious to compete again after fighting only one in the last year.

"I'm just really anxious to get in there and fight again," said Holm. "Last year I had one fight in the entire year and the year before was six fights in 12 months. I'm definitely getting really antsy. My nerves are high."

Holm, who was scheduled to meet Raquel Pennington at next month's UFC 181 event, suffered the injury several weeks ago, yet only recently decided to get an MRI done to determine the extent of the damage recently. What she initially thought to be a strain in her neck turned out to be a herniated disc.

"It is a huge mental hurdle," Holm explained. "I'm just really excited and want to get in there. I'm just glad that I'm healthy."

Given that she has regained her strength and the sensitivity in her arm, holm is glad to see the UFC reschedule the match-up against Pennington.

"I was hoping that we could still have that fight. It wasn't fair to her that she was training for Dec. 6 and not have a fight. I'm glad she had a fight that night and I'm glad she was able to take this fight again so soon."

Holm is considered to be one of the division's most talented prospects and an imminent threat to Rousey's reign as champion. However, the former pro boxer is looking to alleviate the pressure by building up confidence in the UFC before pressing for a title shot.

"It is a lot of pressure. I haven't even had my first fight in the UFC yet. For me, I feel like I have a lot to prove so I don't like to talk so much about the championship fight right now because Raquel Pennington is first."