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NSAC head: Jon Jones' samples underwent CIR testing and came back clean

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According to Nevada State Athletic Commission director Bob Bennett, Jon Jones' samples did indeed undergo CIR testing, and all of those tests came back clean.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

In the last 48 hours, much has been made of the out-of-competition drug testing that Jon Jones underwent leading up to his UFC 182 bout with Daniel Cormier. The champion tested positive for cocaine metabolites, which apparently wasn't something that was supposed to be a part of the screening. But when the Nevada State Athletic Commission released the results of said tests, it led to some other questions - namely, why was Jones' T/E ratio so low?

This led to journalists including our own Brent Brookhouse imploring NSAC to use CIR (Carbon Isotope Ratio) testing on the samples. Simply put, a CIR test proves whether the testosterone in the sample is natural or synthetic. But according to NSAC executive director Bob Bennett, the samples have already been CIR tested - and came back clean. He relayed this information to Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report:

"CIT testing was done, and according to our doctor, none of the results were a concern."


"The only negative was testing positive for cocaine metabolites," Bennett said. "We've gotten a litany of emails about the testosterone. We have a doctor we work with whose work has been impeccable for the last seven months. He does not have a concern on the last two tests."

Presumably he meant CIR.  The last two tests mentioned are a blood passport test and a test for human growth hormone, according to the article. He also relayed the the results of Jones' post-fight tests have not come back as of yet.

The issue will be discussed in more detail at an NSAC meeting on Monday, January 12th that will be streamed live on Fight Pass.