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Video: Dana White: Jon Jones had the 'right' to fight at UFC 182 despite failed drug test

Dana White defended their decision to allow Jon Jones to compete against Daniel Cormier at .UFC 182 despite already knowing of the failed drug test.

In an appearance with Fox Sports, Dana White spoke about Jon Jones' cocaine test. According to the UFC president, despite knowing of the failed drug test, the fight had to continue simply because Jones had the 'right' to fight. Check out quotes from his appearance below:

"You worry about the person first. You forget about the fighting and the work side of it, and you're worried about Jon Jones the person. He checked into rehab, and they're going to evaluate him."

"Nope", White said when asked if there was talk on postponing the fight. "Because 1, he's healthy. 2. The reason you would stop the fight would be if you test positive for performance enhancing drugs."

"(Cormier) was not informed. He doesn't need to be. If he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, it would've been shut down."

"The one thing that people need to understand, is that he was contracted to fight. Everyone thinks that we can just say that 'hey, the fight is off'. He had the right to fight."

"The stuff he was doing, it hurts him. It doesn't help his performance in any way. Imagine how good this guy is gonna be."

"Everything happens for a reason. It's a great thing that this has happened. It's a great thing that (the athletic commission) made a mistake (for testing for cocaine). Who would've known? Now we get him the help he needs."

As for any sanctions from the UFC itself, it appears like there won't be any coming from them:

"We follow the need of the Nevada state athletic commission. They're have the rules and they say how everything is going to go down. Obviously with the legalization of marijuana, they have been a lot more lenient with that, and with street drugs. They're more concerned with performance enhancing drugs."

"We're worried about Jon Jones the person, the human being. We're not worried about the image of the sport and any of that right now. This guy is a human being, and he needs help. I applaud him, and we support him."

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