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Bellator fighter: 'Something should be done about Jon Jones drug test results'

Several of Bellator’s fighters offered their thoughts on Jon Jones’ positive drug test for cocaine metabolites.

While various Bellator fighters were present in London mainly to promote the ‘British Invasion' set for Bellator 133 - an event where two UK fighters will challenge their respective division's champion on the main card - most could not help but offer their thoughts on the Jon Jones failed drug test announcement that took place during their media day.

Fighters such as Paul Daley, James Thompson and Liam McGeary offered varying opinions on the UFC light-heavyweight champion's positive test for cocaine metabolites. Some simply wished the best for Jones, while others were more inclined to blame him for his actions and demand action from the UFC (via WhoaTV).

Paul Daley:

"Obviously, he has put himself in a position, firstly being a champion at a young age, he leaves himself open to these kinds of pitfalls. He's got a lot of people around him. A lot of his fights are in Vegas. I don't think he was at a stage where he was mentally strong enough to deal with the pressures that he was having. I think it has just spiraled out of control for him.

"Everybody in life has something that they have to overcome."

James Thompson:

"I feel for him. At the end of the day, as a fighter he takes drug tests and they have to come back clean. Anything else, (commissions will start) to have some kind of test to see how much he's drinking. It's too much. If you're a fighter and you put yourself on the line on a massive scale like he is, then I believe it is completely up to him whatever he wants to do. I feel for him because people are talking about that over an amazing fight and victory."

Michael Page:

‘He is young. He became successful at a very young age. He's around a lot of these big celebs (sic) and looked up to for a long time. Entertainment is a very easy industry to get swayed into things. I wish him the best. I want him back clean and doing his thing."

Liam McGeary:

"I think it is a little bit unfair. He's the champion, there is cocaine in his system - ya, I feel there should be something done about it. The whole brushing it under the carpet thing shouldn't be the case. I believe something major should be happening for this."