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Muay Thai: Blood test proves top fighter poisoned

One of the top superstars in the Muay Thai scene was poisoned with a cocktail of benzodiazepines before a bout at Rajadamnern Stadium according to a blood test just released.

Sangmanee Sor Tienpo was drugged last month
Sangmanee Sor Tienpo was drugged last month
Timo Ruge

Last month shocking news came out from Bangkok that Muay Thai superstar Sangmanee Sor Tienpo collapsed after a bout at Rajadamnern Stadium.

It was feared at the time that Sangmanee had been poisoned, and Champ Boxing Magazine has reported that the blood results have come back positive.

The evidence is damning,

Sangmanee Sor. Tienpo's blood result, regarding his poisoning at the "Onesongchai" event on 1st of December, has been released. The doctors found a cocktail of 1.Nordazepam, 2.Temazepam, 3.Oxazepan, which are all Benzodiazepines and cause heavy sedation and in overdoses may even be lethal. Sangmanee collapsed after his main event fight versus Thanonchai Thor.Sangtiannoi and was rushed to the hospital. He stated, that after his holiday, he will now report the results to the police.

Although there have been many accusations of corruption in Bangkok, and instances where fighters have been doped, this development is still shocking, and a black mark on the brilliant fight scene over in Thailand. Sangmanee, only seventeen years old, was used by someone (still undetermined who and likely will remain that way) looking to make money on a bet.

Not that the top Muay Thai fighters can be kept down for long. Sangmanee returns tomorrow at Rajadamnern Stadium, taking on Petchlamsin in his first fight back in Bangkok since this horrible incident.