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Bones Nose - The Memes That Came Out Of The Jon Jones Cocaine Debacle

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Jon Jones has always been a fighter that has elicited strong emotions amongst mixed martial arts fans, and now a failed random drug test for cocaine has ignited a firestorm of fan-created media on the internet. Here is some of that output.

Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites at the start of December and the news has just hit the internet. When the pound for pound best fighter in the world gets caught powdering his nose, there's bound to be an epic amount of fallout. Most of it (the effect on Jon Jones' family and legacy) is serious stuff and sad to think about. But if the Internet has taught us anything, it's that schadenfreude is very real and there's a funny side to everything.

Whatever your opinions of cocaine use or Jones as a person or a fighter, you have to admit there's a certain humorous irony to the situation. Jones has a history of (poorly) presenting himself as an upstanding teetotalling gentleman who abstains even from caffinated beverages. To be caught red handed like this reinforces every negative stereotype that has hounded Jones since he became champion in 2011. Not an hour after word of Jones' drug test failure for benzoylecgonine, critics and fans alike were creating hilarious memes, gifs, and videos to commemorate the event.

Here are some of them:

Keep checking back for more updates and include your own finds in the comments!

*UPDATE* Round Two!